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Caesarean Delivery in Noida



C-section is a surgical procedure whereby mothers give birth through an incision. Once medicated and sedated, your physician makes either horizontal or vertical incisions just above your pubic hairline for delivery of your baby.

Before choosing a pregnancy package, take into account your individual medical needs and preferences in order to make an informed choice that satisfies both budgetary and healthcare considerations.

For caesarean delivery in Noida, opt for Niraamaya Clinic. 

Vaginal Delivery

Women who had a cesarean section for their first pregnancy are increasingly opting for vaginal birth with subsequent pregnancies, although this can be an extensive and complex procedure; not everyone may be suitable to utilize this delivery method. Before making your decision on this front, consult with a healthcare provider who can discuss all the potential advantages and disadvantages. In addition to reviewing all possible solutions with regard to normal delivery.

Vaginal birth typically involves women lying supine on a hospital bed with their hips raised, knees bent and thighs apart. Her doctor will use various medical tools, such as vacuum extractors, forceps and medical delivery bags, to assist the baby through its passage through the birth canal.

At this stage, your doctor will clamp the umbilical cord and deliver the placenta. At this time, your uterus may start bleeding as it contracts; and you may experience severe discomfort as it contracts. Our health care team can assist in your recovery from delivery while administering medicines to control bleeding.

During this process, your obstetrician will also stitch any tears or episiotomy cuts in your abdomen. A health care provider may administer oxytocin to assist your body with producing enough contractions so you can push the baby through its birth canal.

After giving birth, it will take several hours for your placenta to dislodge from your uterus and pass out of your body. Some amount of bleeding is normal following a vaginal delivery; this can be managed with rest.

To avoid complications during your birthing process, it is essential that you select an experienced and renowned gynecologist with extensive experience managing high-risk pregnancies and infertility. Dr. Bhumika Shukla is a renowned Gynecologist in Noida with over 10 years of clinical experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology. To schedule an appointment with her, use Bajaj Finserv Health to make an appointment booking easier. The platform makes selecting and booking an appointment simple and secure – you can select a doctor, pick an appointment date/time, pay with multiple payment methods, book video or in-clinic consultations as desired and use convenient payment methods such as Alipay. Furthermore, the platform is secure and user friendly! On this platform, you can search for doctors with positive ratings from patients. In addition, you can locate information about their clinic, address and reviews from other patients as well as submit any concerns for appointments via WhatsApp or by calling them directly – this service is open around-the-clock and our support staff would be delighted to assist.

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