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The Future of Real Estate in Delhi With Unity Group



Unity Group recently made their mark in the housing industry with a 40 acre project at Karol Bagh, in collaboration with global fashion house Gianni Versace for luxury homes within this project.

Work-from-home trends will continue to fuel demand for three-bedroom houses, while walkability will see an unprecedented surge. Following lockdown, walkability will become even more essential.

If you are looking for future of real estate in Delhi, then check out the real estate’s rate increase in last 2 years after COVID-19. 

What’s the Future of Real Estate?

NRIs’ interest in real estate remains strong despite the lockdown, due to factors like the falling rupee, lower home loan rates and stronger price gains. A study conducted by Anarock shows that 71% of NRIs view investing in housing as the best solution.

Real estate industry will experience rapid expansion over the next 10 years. Consolidation will increase, with top developers competing on micro market geography, quality of development and better infrastructure/transportation systems as criteria to distinguish themselves. Furthermore, tech adaptation will enable people to work from home more often, further necessitating affordable housing.

Unity Group and luxury brand Gianni Versace have come together to develop a 40 acre residential project in Karol Bagh, Delhi. Comprised of 46-storey twin towers featuring luxury apartments, this will become the tallest approved building in India’s national capital at 182 metres.

This project will be constructed on land that was once home to Delhi Cloth Mill workers as housing. Situated in the center of the city, this development will offer unique amenities that are sure to attract high-net-worth individuals, celebrities and global travellers.

What’s the Future of Real Estate in Delhi?

Real estate investment opportunities in Delhi look attractive for investors. Over recent years, property prices in the city have seen steady increases, thanks to factors like rising infrastructure projects in the area, improved connectivity networks and an abundance of amenities – which are all reasons people opting to buy homes there today.

Another factor driving millennials’ home purchasing decisions is their increasing preference for houses in luxury neighbourhoods, with properties boasting high-end features, innovative designs and superior amenities. Furthermore, millennials prefer sustainable developments that provide low energy consumption as well as eco-friendly systems; and proximity to employment hubs or future airports.

Furthermore, the pandemic has dramatically reshaped consumer preferences and reinforced their desire for home ownership, leading to more first-time homebuyers while existing homeowners upgrade to larger spaces – leading to significant demand for 2-3 BHK apartments.

Commercial retail realty sector is also set for significant growth in the coming months, thanks to prominent investors showing great enthusiasm in Gurugram office spaces and increasing rental incomes resulting in retail sale price surpassing 15% for commercial properties – an unprecedented level in Gurgaon.

What’s the Future of Real Estate in NCR?

Delhi is both the national capital and hub for commercial activities, making it a haven for real estate developers. Thanks to its advantageous position, investors from all across India and internationally flock to invest in its properties.

City residents enjoy an impressive range of real estate options in San Antonio, from residential apartments and commercial properties, with prices steadily increasing over time due to increasing demand.

Government efforts towards urban development are also fuelling real estate market expansion in Delhi-NCR. As more workers arrive for employment opportunities here, their demand for residential and commercial properties increases exponentially – offering developers an excellent opportunity to provide buyers with various property options that meet their demands.

Unity Group recently announced that it will invest Rs 3,000 crore to develop a housing project in Karol Bagh in central Delhi, on a land parcel which was previously used as housing accommodation for workers at Delhi Cloth Mills. The development will feature Versace-branded homes at prices estimated to range between Rs 25,000 per square foot and will be funded with internal accruals as well as advances from customers.

What’s the Future of Real Estate in Central & West Delhi?

Real estate sector has experienced one of the strongest performances over recent years. Property prices have seen significant appreciation, creating an ideal opportunity for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate. A weakening rupee has further propelled growth for this industry.

Developers are investing in high-end projects throughout central and western Delhi. These properties feature all modern amenities for optimal living space and offer excellent transportation links.

Develeopers in the city are currently creating affordable apartments, proving popular among middle class and young professionals. Furthermore, eco-friendly projects are being undertaken and green technologies incorporated in projects by developers.

Unity Group recently joined forces with Italian luxury brand Versace to develop branded homes. The project will take place at Karol Bagh in Delhi’s heart, featuring 46-storey twin towers designed by Versace Homes that will become one of the tallest approved buildings. According to Unity Group’s press release.

Leading architects, interior designers, branding & marketing agencies, and tech solution providers whose contributions not only to real estate but also their respective fields were recognized at this event. At this event, two panel discussions focused on Real Estate in an Era of RERA” and “New Construction Technologies”. Venkat Rao of Intygrat Law Offices moderated the first panel discussion; Nitin Mittal of Knest served as moderator and featured Anand Kumar of Delhi RERA as Chairperson, Rajan Bandelkar from NAREDCO as President, Pawan Arora (IAS Housing Commissioner Rajasthan) as IAS Housing Commissioner Rajasthan as Pawan Arora as Housing Commissioner Rajasthan Pawan Arora IAS Housing Commissioner from Rajasthan as Pawan Arora as Housing Commissioner from Rajasthan Pawan Arora IAS Housing Commissioner from Rajasthan Pawan Arora IAS Housing Commissioner Rajasthan as panelists.

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