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Fontana’s Computer Technicians Address Computer Maintenance Misconceptions



Like urban legends, there are a few common myths about computer repair that are accepted by a large number of people. People start believing them because of how repeatedly they have been discussed. Most of these are incorrect. Sometimes, accepting these misconceptions can wrongly detect or resolve computer problems. This could worsen if the issue is not properly and promptly fixed.

Many things have changed as computers continue to evolve, even though some of these misconceptions were true in the past. When these things are no longer true, they turn into myths.

With the assistance of expert computer technicians Fontana, California’s, we have compiled a list of computer repair and maintenance misconceptions you should ignore. Let’s dive right in!

Misconceptions About Computer Repair – Explained By Fontana’s Computer Technicians

Repair Specialists Can Repair Just The Damaged Part

Most of the time, you have to replace the complete component when a part of the hardware malfunctions.  Computer customers often insist that computer technicians should only replace a tiny portion of the entire component. This is because they are unaware of how the hardware functions.

Undoubtedly, not all computer components require this; repair professionals might sometimes focus on the specific problem area.

Drain The Battery Before Every Charge

Repeated charging won’t affect how long lithium-ion batteries last. Even after several charges, it will keep charging.

According to some users, completely discharging a laptop’s battery before recharging it might prolong its life. There is no evidence to support this, and it is even possible to use the computer when the power supply is still attached.

Batteries are Eternal

Laptop batteries, despite popular perception, are consumables. According to usage and charging cycles, they endure 2-4 years. Similar to toys, telephones, and other electronics, we might anticipate that these batteries will ultimately stop working.

When a laptop fails, it may swell, leak dangerous substances, or even rapidly heat up and catch fire. Therefore you should consult a computer technician as soon as you get a system warning — such as “repair battery” or “replace the battery.”

Too Many Files Slow Down Your Computer

Will having plenty of files make it sluggish? The answer is No. Data storage merely affects the amount of space available on your hard disk drive; it has no effect on its speed.

Having a lot of applications and programs installed will make your computer slow.  These are programs that launch as soon as your system is turned on. This can result in sluggish computer operation or longer boot times. From the “startup” page of Task Manager, you may assess the effects of various startup apps. You can stop some applications from starting when your computer restarts to make things easier.

Antivirus Programs Can Save You From All Computer Malware

It is not magic! Even though this software can protect you from malware and help you in safer web browsing, there is no guarantee that it works for every virus. The most expensive antivirus software won’t prevent today’s computer viruses from infiltrating your system.

Consider it this way: When we are sick, medicine or medical attention from a physician will make us feel better, but it won’t give us a long-lasting barrier against illness. Similarly to this, this software is sometimes effective despite being undeniably valuable.

A Hard Disk Drive Can Solve Everything

hard drive’s data and operating system are completely erased when it is “wiped.” Users could think about employing this technique will fix a problematic hard disk. It won’t, though. However, the hard drive has parts called “bad sectors,” which can experience irreparable damage.

So, even after the drive is formatted, it can be impossible to delete these bad sectors.  The only way to fix it is to replace it. Disk repair programs can sometimes fix just some bad sectors if the harm is not too severe, but this isn’t a complete fix. You could only be able to use it for a year or so. It is better to deal with it properly.

If you have any more queries or concerns, visit a qualified and well-known computer technician in Fontana, CA. Many experienced computer repair technicians offer their services at electronic repair stores in Fontana, like Advanced Computer Resources. Their experts can assist you with all your computer problems!


Is it necessary to fix a malfunctioning computer?

Consider buying a new pc if the repair cost is equal to or greater than the price of a new one, particularly if your current model is outdated. If your computer or laptop is over a couple of years old, it unquestionably deserves repair.

Will my laptop/PC last ten years or longer?

Yes. Your computer may survive over a decade if you take proper care of it. The battery is usually where it starts, although you can replace it or use the laptop while connected.

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