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Methods for moving heavy items without injuring yourself or the furniture



Planning for a move at any time in life can be very taxing emotionally and physically as it involves a lot of effort put in the right direction. The families have to sit down and strategize a plan of action for the same. Families over the years have faced ample issues in moving heavy objects and therefore they need the expert help of removalists Richmond for the same purpose. Removalists have proved time and again their expertise in handling heavy objects flawlessly. The amount of work they can handle without injuring themselves and any family member is incredible. 

The below methods make the entire moving process of heavy objects a cakewalk. The people in question should use these methods to perform their job perfectly.

Detach all the attachments of heavy objects

The heavy object comprises much little equipment which should be removed from them to make them lighter and easier to move. These attachments can be very difficult to carry while moving and may fall off due to the movement. 

Consider covering the edges of the furniture

The corner protectors used for the safety of a baby in the house can be used to cover all the edges of the furniture which will work as a shield against any unwanted damage during the transit.

Bubble wrap the glass objects

Packing is also an art and using bubble wrap in the same is necessary for you to move your furniture safely. The movers swear by the use of bubble wraps in their packing job.

Use of right gear and equipment

The removalists always perform their job in the right gear along with the right equipment which is essential to perform the job perfectly. The right equipment used for the right job is like consulting with a specialist doctor for a particular disease.

Book a trailer

The trailer needs to be booked as it is flexible and versatile and helps in keeping heavy items. The car needs a trailer to be moved from one place to another. The trailer in the car is saved from all the damage that might occur.

Using sliders

The sliders with soft pads should be used to move heavy objects on the floor. The laminated floor can be saved with the help of sliders and tying up the object properly so no harm or accident takes place while shifting.

Lifting straps

The lifting straps act like a pulley system; it helps in bringing down heavy objects from high-rise buildings. The pulley system of lifting straps acts perfectly for moving heavy objects safely and securely without any accidents.

Use of Dollies

The dollies are used perfectly for moving objects on the floor. It has four wheels below it to move the item above it. The use of hand trucks is usually for dressers and bookcases. The hand trucks are used for lighter objects as it has a small platform at the bottom and two wheels beneath.

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Stair Rollers

The use of stair rollers is used to roll heavy objects down the stairs easily. It requires two people to perform the job effectively.

Usages of blankets

The blankets come very handy in moving furniture without causing any damage as they are soft and flexible. The fiber filled inside the blankets acts like a cushioning for making the move of goods easy. It is a good alternative to sliders for moving heavy objects without damaging any corners of the furniture.

Roll Rugs

The rugs of the house should be rolled around a plumbing pipe to avoid it losing its original shape and being bent over from here and there. They are one of the most expensive buys of anyone’s house hence they need special care during the packaging and moving. The overlook of the carpet goes for a toss if not handled carefully.

Mattress movement

The mattress should be packed in big plastic packets along with some covering from the blankets as bent over the mattress is of no use to anyone. The breakage of the mattress can lead to major spending later on by the moving family.

The movement of heavy objects requires skilled labour which is in the team of removalists who perform the task without any glitches. The trust the removalists Cronulla have built in the clients due to their expertise is incredible. A load of carrying heavy objects out of tall buildings is very troublesome for the house owner. The work should be left in the hands of expert movers to avoid any mishappenings and accidents during the move. The family is free from the fear of damaging some of their precious furniture in the move. The entire shifting can be made a stress-free move with the help of movers who ace the game with their expertise in the field.

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