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Tips For Selling Your Gold Jewellery



You are on the right page. A lot of people try to resell their gold jewelry at the same time, so their options are limited in this process. You can always auction your gold jewelry or sell it privately, but there are better ways to sell gold. Here are some tips for you.

Don’t sell your gold impulsively.

Gold jewelry does not have a fixed price, unlike other precious metals. The value of gold has been increasing over the years and this has increased demand for gold jewelry as well. Ensure you carefully evaluate your gold jewelry before selling it. You don’t want to act impulsively and later realize that you sold it for less than it is actually worth. Many people have some emotional value on their gold jewelry, so you need to ensure that it does not outweigh the price you sell it for. Gold jewelry with a missing pair, broken pieces, and outdated ones with no emotional attachment are ideal pieces to sell.

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Get an appraisal

In most cases, gold jewelry is worth around 30% more than sterling silver. The difference is due to the rarity of each metal and how the pieces were made. If you are selling a piece of gold jewelry, make sure that the total value is at least twice the price of the item if you want to maximize your profit.

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Understand the karat of your gold jewelry

Gold is renowned for its beauty and durability, but it’s also compatible with other metals to make it more durable. Though pure gold is the most rare and expensive, it is usually combined with other metals that make it more stable. The purity of your gold jewelry will tell you how much value can be found in their karat weight, so knowing what your jewelry is made of is essential before selling off pieces that are no longer necessary.

Is it worth it as a finished piece or scrap gold?

If you have gold jewelry that is no longer worth wearing and you want to sell gold jewellery for cash, do not sell it as scrap gold. Scrap-selling is only good for making money when buying the raw materials and metals for creating fake jewelry. Selling an item as scrap gold will only earn you a fraction of what it’s worth and it may even hurt your reputation if word gets out that you are selling fake jewelry. If this is the case, do what is necessary to get your piece appraised by a trusted jeweler so that you can sell it as scrap gold or use parts from other pieces of jewelry to make new, believable ones.

Find a trustworthy and reputable buyer

Look for a reputable gold buyer who is licensed to purchase gold jewelry in your state. There are several companies that may offer you good value, so shop around until you find one that offers quality products at an attractive price. Check past customer reviews to see if any complaints have been made by those who used their services.

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